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Integration of Russia into the world economy and transition to the path of market development have caused cardinal changes of legal regulations in the field of rights for intellectual property. If, in the past, exclusive rights for all intellectual property created on the territory of the former Soviet Union belonged to the State, now - under the influence of a certain world experience - the national legislation, starting from 1991-1992, has been drastically changed. The Institute of Patent Protection of Inventions, as well as Exclusive Rights of Owners of Trademarks was restored to full scope; the legal protection of topologies, software for computers, copyrights, protection against unfair competition were introduced.
Today, more and more businesses are making these stronger intellectual property laws work for them. They are finding it easier to take advantage of new licensing and development opportunities. And they are using these opportunities to expand their worldwide market share and increase their revenues.
Innovation is often the key to success. Many businesses, large and small, stake their reputation - and future - on a trade name, a utility model, an industrial design, an invention and know-how.
The Universal Consulting Company of the independent patent attorneys and lawyers 'Lev Klimenko, Ltd.' (LKL) was one of the first companies established in this country for the purpose to protect the lawful rights of the owners of intellectual property.


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